Apr 28, 2012

Volvo Amazon 122S 1969

Volvo 122S 1969

Restoration Volvo 122S  1969.

I found the car in April 2012. It has been sitting on a veranda in the Barossa Valley for over 3 years. Before that the Volvo was in a shed for over 9 years, without the engine. The B20B engine is in parts so it needs assembly and probably some new parts. The previous owner started rebuilding the engine 12 years ago, so the engine came with a lot of new parts. 

At the moment I'm stripping the car so it can be soda blasted.

Volvo 122S 1969 dashboard

Volvo 122S 1969 stripped

Volvo 122S 1969 front stripped
Empty engine bay..

Volvo 122S 1969 stripped
Sandy likes the Volvo too :)