Jun 17, 2012

Painting the heater and other parts Volvo 122S

This weekend it was time for some more painting. I started with the heater.  The old black paint was flaking and there was surface rust. Taking the heater apart is pretty straight forward.

Heater Volvo 122S engine bay
Heater in engine bay

Heater Volvo 122S interior before painting
Heater interior

Taking the heater apart - Volvo 122S
Splitting the heater

Heater parts and parcel shelf bare metal Volvo 122S
It took quite some time to strip the paint ..

Heater parts just before painting - Volvo 122S
Ready for painting

Painted heater parts - Volvo 122S
After 3 coats

For the black parts I used engine paint  (2x black 400ml VHT rattle cans ) because it's stronger than normal enamel and after baking also chemical and heat resistant. After painting and baking I treated the seams and corners on the inside with Penetrol. 

The parcel shelf was also painted with engine paint.

Painted engine parts B20B - Volvo 122S
Some other painted engine parts 

For the silver parts and yellow fan I used VHT caliper paint; It can withstand high temperatures, is chemical resistant and, more important, the  colour is close to the original. Finally Because the caliper paint itself isn't really glossy after 3 coats of caliper paint I hit the parts with 2 coats of clear gloss.

Paint rattle cans - Volvo 122S

Heater blower motor late version - Volvo 122S 1969
The Heater blower motor needed some help to turn after 12 years.
I loosen the little bolts on top and sprayed wd40 on the axle.
After that it worked like new.

Heater core - Volvo 122S 1969
The core was in good condition, it only needed some flushing with water

Jun 3, 2012

Painting Volvo B20 Engine

This weekend I finally painted the engine.
I started masking the engine block and cylinder head. It took me almost 6 hours to get them ready for the paint job...

Before and after masking I cleaned everything thoroughly with acetone.
The acetone also ate my "chemical resistant" rubber gloves from Bunnings, strong stuff......

I used an old masking trick invented by old school gasket makers;  First apply the masking tape and then hit the edge of the masked area softly with a hammer, this ensures razor sharp masking edges.
For the spark plug holes I used washers wrapped in a piece of masking tape, filled the little bolt holes with aluminium foil and ear plugs and used carton and toilet rolls for the expansion plugs openings.

I applied 3 coats within one hour, two light coats and a thicker wet top coat.

Painting Volvo B20B engine
VHT Engine enamel, acetone, masking tape and a hammer will do the job

Volvo B20 engine masked
Engine block masked and cleaned with acetone

Volvo B20 engine painted
B20 just after the third wet coat

Volvo B20 engine cylinder head painted
Cylinder head with 3 coats

Volvo B20 engine painted
Masking tape removed

Volvo B20 cylinder head painted

Volvo B20B engine painted

Volvo B20B cylinder head painted

Volvo B20B engine painted

When the paint was completely dry I baked the parts at 93°C for 60 minutes. Sometimes a big oven can be pretty handy..I really like the smell of fresh engine paint in the kitchen ;)

B20 Oil sump baking at 93C in kitchen oven
My Kitchen Rules

B20B Cylinder head baking at 93C in kitchen oven
Smells good

Baking the Volvo B20B engine with new paint
I used a heater to "bake" the engine block, it was too big and heavy,
even for my big kitchen oven.

Next job will be painting the black and silver engine parts and get rid of the red dust on my clothes, shoes, floor, lawnmower, bike...